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Summer Reading Program Starts June 9th.  We will begin registering that day and the program runs through July 21.  Come on in on the 9th and get your children and

teens registered!



The Sensory Safari is here. They will be available for viewing and touching unil the middle of April. We shared the exibit with Soda Springs Library, so if you wish to see Lions, Wolvarine, Kudu, Eland, Deer, and Leopard, then visit the Soda Springs Library. This is just a few picture of the 25 animals that we have on display. Be sure to come and visit!


We are so proud to announce our new searchable database of Bear Lake County Newspapers.  THANKS to a generous grant from the Idaho Community Foundation and the Monsanto Fund for making this possible.  To access the database just click on the graphic or link in the upper right-hand block on this page.  From there you can search by name (Helps to put name in quotations), year, or keyword.  We are having so much fun testing the database.  Soon we will be able to offer even more years, and an advanced search.



We would like to dedicate this database to Jens Patrick Wilde, former Board of Trustees member for Bear Lake County Library, and everyone's favorite local historian.  Without Pat's forsight and dedication, this database would not have been possible.  Pat physically drove the archive of newspapers to Boise for microfilming in the 1970s sometime.  The film has since been available for use at the Bear Lake County Library in Montpelier.  And use it he did.  Pat spent thousands and thousands  of hours pouring over the old newspapers, taking notes by hand because at that time a reader/printer was unavailable.  Oh, and did I mention that Pat also wrote articles for the News-Examiner and the Idaho State Journal.

We would also like to thank the News-Examiner staff for working with us and granting permission for digitizing this historical work.  Everything that happened in the Bear Lake Valley from 1880 to 1969 is covered in this database, whether it was a birth, death, or just dinner at Grandma's.  We hope you enjoy a look back! I'm sure Pat is doing a HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE!

If you would like a demonstration of the database or need help, please come in to the library or call us at 847-1664.








IT'S Back and better than ever!  We now have a Tumblebooks subscription.


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